We can come to your place with our professional set of grooming items. As we groom your car at your place, you can display your groomed car immediately after grooming. In the rainy winter season, this can eliminate the risk of your car getting wet during transport from other grooming places.


We carry our own water, so no water tap is necessary at your place. Moreover, we do not use running water, so almost no wet is made on the floor. This means that no waste water system is necessary at your place. This makes it possible to groom your cars at your showroom. You can demonstrate your customers how your cars are groomed as precious treasures, giving your customers positive impressions about your shop.


We can complete the work perfectly anywhere as long as there is a space for doors or boot to open. We just need a space for us to get in or out of your car.

To get a best result, it is preferable for us to groom your car under a shaded place or roof to avoid sunlight or rain. In addition, if you need vacuum clean or polishing service, we may use power.


We have a standard grooming service. But, since we are car groomers specialized for used car dealers, we can arrange our grooming services tailored to your needs. Please note that minimum charge may apply.

Examples of our services are as follows:

Mobile Standard Finish

About 80 min with two workers. Please note that time may vary depending on conditions of the car.

  • Exterior wax finish
  • Dress tyres and wheels
  • Interior and boot vacuum
  • Wipe interior
  • Clean windows including sign removal if the car is at an imported state.
  • Dress engine room

Cut and Polish

We accept the cut-polish service alone.

If your car has already been groomed but need to be more attractive, we can cut-polish to your car. For example, your car has black color. And after first grooming, you feel your car looks a little bit faded, and need more glossy look. In that case, our cut-polish services fit.