[Detailing tip] Scratches under door handle

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Probably, the portion around and under the door handle is one of the most frequently viewed part of used cars. At the same time, this portion is one of the most frequently damaged or scratched part of used cars. These days, thanks to keyless entry, scratches around key hole are dramatically reduced. But the car doors still need to be handle by our hand. This fact leads to a possibility of scratches under and around the door handle.

You might see a door handle portion having this condition as shown in the image above. This definitely makes negative impression on the car.

Is it possible to deal with it?

The answer is “it depends.” But we can usually make it better than as it is. At the same time, polishing around door handle makes this portion look much better, even if not all the scratches are removed. Please look at the image below. We cut and polished the portion around and under the door handle for the same car. As you can see, this portion looks much better. Also you can see glossy, smooth surface returns.

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When you deal with scratches around the door handle, I would recommend to cut and polish the entire upper portion of side doors (front door and rear door if the car is a four-door car), rather than polishing only to the portion around the door handle. This is because if you polish only to the portion around the door handle, this would leave a noticeable difference between the polished portion and a not-polished portion.

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