Groom engine room to make your car more impressive

When you buy a used car, you wish to carefully look into details of the car to check that car is appropriate for you to buy. You may open the bonnet to view the inside of the engine room and check the conditions related to the engine. If the engine room looks dirty at this time, you may have an impression that this car was used in dirty conditions or this car has not receive engine checkup on a regular basis. To avoid such negative impressions, cars in your showroom should have groomed engine room.

One of the problems is how far you should groom the engine room. You can take lots of time to groom engine room to completely “clean” the engine room. But if you need to groom three or four cars a day, it is not good to use your time only for grooming the engine room. That is, you will need to focus on specific areas in the engine room to make the engine room look better with limited time. This article provides the idea of these specific areas.


  • Focus on noticeable portions.
  • Make black portions more blackened.


We usually separate the engine room into several sections such as back surface of the bonnet, suspension support section, black plastics, and frame.


Prepare grooming items

First step: prepare grooming items. (gloves, cotton cloth, microfibre towel 1 (for finishing), microfibre towel 2 (for dirty portion), cleaner, plastic restorer)


Second step: by using cleaner to clean the back surface of the bonnet, the suspension support section, and the frame.


Third step: make black portion blackened.


It’s good idea to prepare different types of cleaner such as citras-based cleaner or solvent cleaner. Some dirt only reacts to a specific type of cleaner.

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