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We have been providing mobile grooming services across Auckland since 2011. We mainly cater to used car dealers with our professional grooming items. Recently we focus on showroom finish with our several types of polishing tools including high finish polishing-cutting compounds. We believe our polishing services help your shop into next level.

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Scratches under door handle after polish Honda Fit
[Detailing tip] Scratches under door handle

This article gives you one of detailing
tips, that is, scratches under the door handle of your cars.

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Engine room grooming
Groom engine room to make your car more impressive

You may think how far you should groom the engine room with limited time. Focus on specific sections.

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After polishing of front emblem_HS
Emblem Restore

Faded emblem makes the car less attractive. We may be able to restore your front emblem without replacing with new one.

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After headlight restore_Fit
Headlight Restore

The page gives you examples of headlight restore worked by our staff.

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Axela bonnet after two-step polishing
For business customers or used car dealers: how to increase values of your cars

If you run a used car dealer and want to make your shops more attractive, this article will provide you with one of tips. That is, I would recommend to make your cars look better than cars displayed at other dealers or yards. Usually, used car dealers display their products (used cars) at their showrooms. […]

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Headlight Restore Honda Stream
How to restore or treat faded headlights

Do you need recommendations on headlight treatment? For faded headlights or to protect them? You would like to know treatment for faded headlights and protect them afterwards. 1. Remove oxidized portion and faded portion of the headlights.2. Depending on the degree of fading, you may need to use sanding to remove these portions.3. After finishing […]

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